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10 Travel Gadgets


Do you like to travel? Are you planning your next family vacation? If your answer is yes, here we will help you to make your experience the best with 10 gadgets that will make your trip easier and more enjoyable. Whether you’re doing a little weekend getaway, or crossing half world discovering exotic destinations. In any of the cases, we recommend not forgetting these little devices.

  1. Mobile External Battery

    power bank bateria externa para movil viajes venta online

    It has happened to all, more than once, that moment in which your mobile was more necessary, your battery is dead and without a plug around! They are therefore already essential companions of travel and it connects with your traditional charging cable (see basic Amazon). The portable options are necessary for both our computer and Kindle, extensions like the mouse and of course the mobile.

    From the mobile we are in contact, we consult maps, we take the best photos without preparing, we book hotels and trips, and we consult AHP! ;). Don’t just stand there and get yourself an external battery now! See on Amazon.

  2. Travel Pillowalmohada-viaje-TRL-tienda-online-amazon-viscolastica-comprar

    Good for your neck, easy to transport, scientifically proven, beautiful and well priced. What more can you ask for? Rest on the journey to arrive well to your destination! Read more to know its features or you can see it directly at Amazon.

  3. Baggage tracker

    rastreador equipaje viaje trackr tienda onlineA small device that can be stored in your luggage or used as a keychain. Through your mobile track and inform you of the position, so as not to lose sight of your things. When you get off the plane it is recommended that you turn on your tracking application to validate where your baggage is with the tracker (see on Amazon) in this way if you get to lose or delay the delivery know exactly where it is. Although the tracker is not only for your luggage, you can place it in your purse, keys or some other bag if you are suddenly hiking, picnic, the beach or a place out of your usual route, and find all your belongings without problems.

  4. Luggage scale

    bascula maleta viaje tienda onlineA dull gadget, but very useful to avoid paying last minute overweights at the airport, especially with the strict rules that are lately detailing some companies. See on Amazon

  5. Power Multi-adapter Multiadaptador de corriente cargador viaje universal venta online

    It will allow us to recharge all our gadgets no matter what part of the globe we find because it adapts to the volts and plugs of more than 150 countries. And if you have to load the Smartphone, tablets or other device you can do without any inconvenience as most have USB ports to connect them and are thus more versatile in its use. That you do not miss before the trip, ask for it already in Amazon.

  6. Video and photo Sports camera camara deportiva viaje venta online video foto

    It allows us to record videos of our excursions, of all the stops that we make during the trip even of something funny that we do not want to forget. The photos in high definition even if we are in motion will take them without moving or damaged in any way. And if we get it with some accessories, more than one of the photos will be professional, spectacular and unique. These cameras in all their models have no comparison with any other that I know of. The experience is unique. It is one of the most sold chambers and with better opinions in Amazon. See more at Amazon.

  7. Wireless speaker altavoz speaker wireless viaje inalambrico portatil

    Today there are several options, from the most economical and mini; To other laptops with pretty good sound quality. Don’t forget to take the music with you! This model is resistant to water, blows and with very good sound quality, we recommend it without a doubt.  Buy it now at Amazon.

  8. Transparent bag

    Another indispensable little exciting, we know, but important in international airports, where they take very seriously the issue of liquids in the suitcase. They can also be very useful on long trips to cleanse and be a little more people after more than 8 hours of flight. ;)  See on Amazon.

  9. Document Wallet

    Simple, economical and very practical to put everything related to the trip: plane tickets, passports, the currency of the country of destination, reservation of hotel, etc. All by hand in a single place, highly recommended. Available at Amazon.

  1. Headphones Sound Cancelers

    auriculares canceladores ruido viajes tienda onine

    Especially for long-haul trips, you can really tell their difference and the comfort they bring in the trip. They are an interesting investment in addition to all lovers of music since the quality of its sound is great and will allow you to enjoy music and movies not only on the trip but in any environment. There are currently different models and different price ranges. Take a look at the model selection on Amazon and choose the one that best suits your needs.

We all happen to like technology, but we know little of the progress they have for everyday help, such as scales that help us to measure the suitcase before the airport to avoid a bad time. In all of them, there are from cheap options and offers to a premium quality selection. They are also very easy to compare and buy online. So they send it to the door of the house to make the preparation of the trip easier. Remember before leaving your home you must prepare your airplane bag with the policies of each airline, and weigh your luggage with the help of the luggage scale, not forgetting that there you can add the pillow for your comfort on the plane. And beyond all this, the idea is to enjoy and see what are the best options for travel accessories that help us to live the experience we want to have in our adventures. And you, how essential do you take a trip?

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