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Nord Pinus Hotel, Tanger


Hotel Nord-Pinus, Tanger

In the upper part of the historical centre of the city of Tangier, we managed to arrive by recommendation of some friends to this special place: the Hotel Nord-Pinus.

A real oasis. The perfect secret place to get lost in good company and not need to even leave the hotel. It has everything: panoramic, cosy silence, architecture, design, good restaurant, excellent treatment, neatness in every corner, and exquisite details in the purest Mediterranean style with authentic Moroccan and Spanish design and blend. 


Marble and ceramics well worked with harmony of colors, windows, tapestries that are true works of art. Bronze beds and headboards. And a perfume of salinity, delicacy and Mediterranean delicacy at every angle of this charming boutique-hotel. 

The restaurant

One more reason for not having to leave is the high quality of the products served and cooked in the restaurant. Products arrived daily only and exclusively for the kitchen of the hotel. 

Each dish has its own history that at the time of being served, kindly explain. Its philosophy: cooks to simmer, abundant dishes well combined and products only local.

The hotel has 8 suite-rooms. The clientele is only the one that is housed in the hotel, therefore it is never crowded by tourists.

The Terrace

Panoramic dream, quality furniture and excellent design to rest, sit, admire the Strait of Gibraltar, the Mediterranean. A place of pure inspiration and where to converse with nature itself or the company. 

A place of infinite beauty. Where even pigeons and seagulls acquire a decoration function for each photograph and remember.

Pinus nord-Nord Pinus

The Hotel Nord Pinus a Tanger, guest house and prestigious Riad, are the highlight of the Kabash, historical center of the city. The hotel stands out on the Riad Sultan Street, and is based on the Portuguese defences of the old Roman town of Tingis. 
This extraordinary situation offers a spectacular view towards the Tarifa, the Spanish coast, the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean, the city and its port. 
It is a haven of peace in a festive city in constant renovation, with its viewpoint towards the city of Tanger, Kabash and D’In Battuta.

Address and phone number

11 rue du Ryad Sultan de Tangier 90000, Morocco

Tel.: + 212 661-228140

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