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Loos American Bar, Vienna


The American bar, better known as Bar Loos, in recognition to its designer Adolf Loos; It is a jewel of the architecture of the beginning of the century.

It is located in the Central District 1, historical and commercial area of reference of the Viennese capital. Interesting atmosphere Bar, which remains a must for its regular guests, as well as for architects and scholars who come to see this landmark of architecture.

Having a cocktail in this architectural reference, elegant and dark, is a pleasure.  The reduced bar also makes it inevitable to collide and coincide with the rest of customers, and ends up being a great opportunity to meet the people of this Central District of Vienna, and know the history of this bar and curiosities of other nearby places, which they will explain you delighted. We met very nice people and they even invited us to try the typical cocktails and wines of the area.

Viennese Secessionism

This bar marked the beginning of the Secession in Vienna, so today it is a protected building. Built in 1908, and in scarce 27 square meters, Adolf Loos performed there a successful exercise of the Viennese secessionist theory. Secession, though elegance is sought as Art Nouveau, predominates in the pursuit of formal sobriety, and even some severity.

In Loos’s words:

True beauty lies in function.

The peculiarity of the bar is the game of perspectives to magnify the space optically, as well as the use of noble materials with a sober and elegant style.  The mirrors cover the upper part of the walls, giving great depth and appearance of amplitude. The roof and walls covered with layers of black onyx and marble on the floor, with elegant brass fittings decorating. The resulting atmosphere is quite dark, which together with cigarette smoke (yes, you can still smoke!) and the cocktails they serve, create an atmosphere that makes us go back to the early 20th Century.


Recently, it has been made in Spain a couple of exhibitions on this author, we leave a nice video of 30 seconds, which summarizes in images the vision of Loos on the role of the architect.


Address: Kärntner Durchgang 10 – 1010 Vienna

Th-Sa: 12.00 pm-04.00 am

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