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Maverick Travel Pillow


How many times has it happened that during a trip you fall asleep and wake up with pain in your neck? More than once sure. With the Maverick travel pillow (see on Amazon) that inconvenience is solved because it gives us more comfort and less pain when sleeping.

Comfortable trips with the Maverick cushion

The best of all is that it does not look like a pillow, but at first glance is a scarf, but that gives us the proper support for our head to lean and not nod supported on the seats or walls of the transport.

These pillows are usually a little more expensive, it can get to oscillate between €20 and €30 but really worth it. It’s a super comfortable cushion that will help your cervicals. Be sure your back will thank you!

Advantages and features of the Maverick Pillow 

  • Made of viscoelastic memory foam, so it does not wear out or lose shape with use.
  • If you like to travel with little baggage. It does not reach the 150 gr weight.
  • And compared to many other pillows, the Maverick travel cushion allows your neck to stay in the position that is due, and manages to avoid cervical accidents, as we know we must go through the long hours either on the plane, bus, boat or travel train.
  • The covering can be machine washed without deformation or damage, and it should be noted that it is already a huge advantage.
  • Textile is 100% hypoallergenic and transpires while protecting from strong air conditioners
  • It has a great innovative design, which makes this pillow very practical and light compared to others, which are much more space and are somewhat heavier, you can take it in your hand placket and take it out when you sleep without getting the attention of other PE Rsonas, you’re comfortable and you don’t disturb anyone.
  • Thanks to its design it is warmer, so it is much more efficient if you travel in an aeroplane, in private cars with air-conditioning or on a cruise.
  • Recommended by physicians and physiotherapists. 
  • CE certificate, High-Tech Enterprise certificate and Export License certification

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