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We like to travel and discover places with history. Charming corners and share them. Don’t just visit a place: Explore it! know off the beaten track places. Our travel blog unveils local spots.



If you love to travel and would like to know Spain and destinations in Europe, Asia and America that we will discover, do not miss our new posts. In each destination, we contact locals who help us to identify restaurants, shops and hotels that they know first-hand. Learn the best traditions, the art and design of the area, their food and customs.

turks and caicos - a hidden place - travel hidden places - bahamas - caribe -

Turks & Caicos, Bahamas


Naples, Italy


We recommend restaurants and bars that we know first hand and we have gone with people who have been living in the place for several years. Our goal is to try the best food of each site, we recommend the dishes that we have liked, environment and prices for you to choose your best option. From fashionable places, to restaurants on the beach.

ristorante dal moro - roma - a hidden place - cocina tradicional - roma - fontana de trevi - dal moro - al moro

Trattoria Al Moro, Rome


In our travel blog, you will find recommendations on what you can visit in the chosen place, beyond the monuments that you have already heard about. We will propose both cultural activities and excursions that you can do in the countryside.


Casal Solleric, Art. Palma


Bellver Castle, Palma de Mallorca


The Core Club, Milano


If you do not know where to sleep in your destination, you will also find here recommendations of hotels of local, urban or rustic architecture, cosy and with a special touch that will help to enjoy the destination with all the senses.


Nord Pinus Hotel, Tanger


Your ideal section to know the appellation, the tours to wineries, the tastings, the famous wines, the suitable wines, the natural wines, the local liquors… the why to choose a commercial one and why to choose one of small production, the thousand answers to the thousand questions that the grape, the wine and its world provoke to us.


▷ Mallorca and its Must Wineries


▷ Mallorca and its wines


Antani Wine by La Tognazza Amata


Local shops where you will find the most authentic objects. Discover through them the traditions and cultural richness of the place.

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Do you have all the basic accessories for your next trip? Find here recommendations on what is not missing in our suitcase, whether for a stylish urban getaway, a few days on the beach or an adventure trip.  

We select some of the best products to take on your trip. From bags and suitcases to beach sets, mobile chargers, guides, maps and much more. So that you have before you leave everything you need and that you do not miss anything on the road!.

Review-maleta-rimowa-travel -hidden-places-COMPRAR-AMAZON

Rimowa Travel Suitcase


Bose QuietComfort 35 II Headphones


Maverick Travel Pillow


If like us, you do not want to miss the essentials, but at the same time you prefer a less touristy route, you are in the right place. We approach a travel philosophy centred in those local corners, that will make you know each place in a more genuine way, visiting the same places as the locals, mingle with your people and return home with a transforming experience behind your back.

A Hidden Place is a travel blog that is made with experiences of those authentic places. From hidden destinations, to find the selection of most authentic places even in the well known Majorca.  In all of them, you will find places that you will fall in love with.

This blog is for the Curious traveller, who enjoys marking his route. Looking to discover the natural side of the destinations, excursions, traditional food restaurant, boutique hotels with details that make a difference. Couples and groups of friends can enjoy riding their own route. It is also for the solo explorer. Since going alone into these places you will be able to know more local people.


Sometimes we do not see the beauty of things when we find them unexpectedly. We might ask if we lose the most special things because they are less known. If you do not want to miss those unexpected and special places in your travels, we would like to share some of the ones that we have liked most in every destination.

Travel Blog

We hope that these recommendations can help as an inspiration. Or even help to rediscover your city with new eyes, leaving the usual route. A brief reference is all you need to open the door to a new experience.

Share with us your favourite restaurant, historic buildings, the small craft shop or a getaway to a picturesque nearby village in your area.


We believe that we enrich our experiences and knowledge by discovering those places while supporting local development and sustainable tourism. 


Travelling is much more than taking home a new photo album. Did you know that it helps our development as individuals? That’s right since it makes us leave the comfort zone and forces us to get rid of the monotony.

“The Pleasures of Discovery. The joy of meeting people from other backgrounds and, finally, the excitement of tasting meals that you would never have at home. Usually exceeds by far all the pretensions of travelling.”

Stefan Klein, in his book The Science of Happyness

Travelling awakens our creativity and trust. Breaking the routine, changing airs, relaxing and helping us create great memories. It is scientifically proven that travelling makes us happier.  That’s why we want to share local and unique experiences at 100% of the places we like.