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Getaria, Basque Country

The charming town of Getaria, in Guipúzcoa, is the land of Juan Sebastián Elcano, the first sailor to return to the world and Cristóbal Balenciaga, Spanish designer of reference.


Getaria is in a hard-to-reach end of the coast. From the port to the Balenciaga Museum, which is located at the top of the village, you will find the enchanting small and narrow streets framed by traditional Basque houses. It is a fishing village, and along the port, there are numerous restaurants that have as a speciality the grilled fish.

In summer it is very crowded it is advisable to book to eat in the famous Elcano restaurant, as well as in the terraces of the port.

At the highest point of the town is the modern Balenciaga Museum, in honour of the international work of the designer.

Balenciaga, who ended up creating clothes for all the high society, started from a very small age helping his mother, a dressmaker. His imaginative and perfect work took him from Getaria to Madrid, Barcelona and Paris. Being on the catwalks of New York, where he totally triumphed. Balenciaga was the designer of the suit and the jacket, the evening dresses and the flat shoes for the woman. Of all of them, there are good examples in your museum. Definitely an interesting visit.

Very advisable to get to the close beach of Zarautz, just 5 minutes by a beautiful coast road, and enjoy a day at the beach or a good walk along the Arenal.

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