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Naples, Italy

Naples, a city to visit.

In ancient literature there are those who told that it was the city where the devils lived, many others, however, called it “Paradise”. We let you know our vision and experience, then visit it and judge for yourselves.


Naples is like its Vesuvius, an authentic volcano that you never know when, how or where it will explode. We are left with one thing, “Naples you love it, or hate it”, there is no middle ground. Naples is a city with a lot of character and a very determined way of understanding and seeing life. The city is like its citizens or its citizens are like its city: dreamed landscapes, remote and hidden places, bars, restaurants, shops anchored in time. As a great contrast the most exclusive part of a city in a permanent update of the best “luxury lifestyle” in the centre of the city -in the area of Chiaia-. And about 20 minutes by ferry, in the small -by dimension- favourites islands, Ischia and Capri.

Dreams Come True

A city that despite its dangerousness, has magic. It has a gift. It has the character to make out the chaos and its mafia known all over the world, a tourist route. One of the most dangerous neighbourhoods where the “carabinieri” themselves charge a plus for danger. Many are the businessmen, artists, sportsmen who tell how difficult it has been to create their career and to be able to leave “their reality” where they were born.

But even so, there have always been many tourists who, while on vacation, want to know “the other reality”, “the other part of history”. And Netflix arrived and got unbelievable, that the tourists themselves, that the travel agencies themselves organized routes through the sections of the mafia. The public has demanded to want to know the real “Gomorra”, a place where in the series we are made clear that there is no hope, no illusion, only price. And only a lot of dream and eagerness to leave that place. There are many realities, not everything is beautiful, but it is worth realizing how is the Neapolitan people that is always in continuous search and reinvention without ever losing its authenticity or history.

While it is true that Naples is a city that in recent years, following this famous television series has increased in fame, we must remember that it is one of the first cities that is always named by foreigners when they ask us about Italy, along with Florence, Rome and Venice.

“Fatta a misura”

It is a chaotic city, with a lot of noise from cars, motorcycles, and a lot of peace because of the beauty of its views, its monuments, its authenticity in every neighborhood and street of the city, but where the tourist puts his own rhythm. Allows you to take your own rhythm. Fatta a misura.

The “Lungomare”

A real promenade where you can find the best restaurants, ice-cream parlours, cocktail clubs, a great avenue where every Neapolitan walks, with restaurants that do not close the kitchen soon, an authentic non-stop made and thought for the tourist to consume and enjoy, but above all, for the Neapolitan to be proud of his city. In it one can have a coffee, a wine, an ice cream, look at the street artists, have pizza at any time, photograph, sit down, see the fishermen… even and watch the time pass by.

Inspiration Source

A city that has written and still writes history in the artistic world: cinema, theatre, music, literature…

The famous narrow streets filled with colour, with the bustle of white sheets stretched out, images that over time, one has grown or at least at some point have told or imagined what Naples would be like.

We have seen Maradona create and be the legend that he continues to be today, his international actress Sofia Loren, directors with their own name in the world of cinema since the Oscar awarded Paolo Sorrentino, Gabriele Salvatores, Troissi, singers like Pino Daniele, Massimo Ranieri … And the list is still endless. The city has even recently starred in Ferzan Ozpetek’s latest film (“Napoli Velata”) and in the “Suburra” fiction serie.

“Essere Napoletano”

You learn a basic rule as soon as you land in Italy or Naples, being Neapolitan is a race, it is a unique being, with its own dialect – quite difficult to learn and understand – that has nothing to do with the rest of Italians, except their Passport. The rest of Italy is conscious, they know it. The Neapolitans are proud of it. They are genuine, full of contrasts in a city that always looks like a continuous amusement park: lights, noise, but with all the good that a theme park has for adults and children, one always stays with his mouth open, something always catches his attention.


Food & Drink: Sorbillo, Anticha Pizzeria da Michele, Gran Caffè Gambrinus, Bar Nilo, Scaturchio, Antico Forno delle Sfogliatelle Calde Fratelli Attanasio

Visit: Porta Nolana Fish Market, Plebiscito Square, Metro Toledo, Spanish Quarter (Spaccanapoli), Underground Naples Tour, Mount Vesuvius, Lungomare, Royal Palace of Naples, Chapel of San Severo, The Duomo (Cathedral), Palazzo Manajuolo, Capodimonte Museum, Trepaio.

In the Nearest: Pompei, Ercolano, Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi, Ischia, Capri e Procida.

As the great Neapolitan playwright Edoardo de Filippo said: “Napule è ‘nu paese curioso: è ‘nu teatro antico, sempre aperto. Ce nasce gente ca’ senza cuncierto scenne p’ ‘e strate e sape recità”.

In other words, “Naples is a great classical theatre, always open as a city”.

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