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Formentera Paradise


A small island that for decades has been refuge and paradise for many people who dreamed of peace, freedom, see the sea and breathe air.

A place that for so many, is the image of a long beach with a large main street.

But Formentera is much more than that.

A wild place where finally many people with immense desire of Mediterranean, have traveled with desire to discover, to look for something not even material. The truth is that, this small island in dimension, but enormous in good energy, magic and immense light, in the last decade has convinced and fallen in love with many: Italians, Spaniards, French… that after their arrival, have found their place in the world: Formentera.

Attitude & Energy

We usually listen and even say that ¨París is the city of love”, when you say or hear the name of Formentera, quickly one gets the good vibes, and the desire to relax, peace … And is that ¨Formentera is an island that gives you energy … that recharge you¨.

Es Vedrà

Es Vedrà is one of the must-see places on Formentera: there is no person who does not reach this place and the immensity of the sea with its crystal-clear waters, the stillness of its sea, its fine land, the kilometres of horizon around it, still unpolluted, which allow you to breathe, dream and above all remember.

A place where yoga lovers from all over the world choose it as a goal for long meditations. It reminds us that life is made of simple but precious things, that it reminds us of the importance of always living in contact with nature and its elements. Magic difficult to find anywhere else. That is why from the first day it is for us too, a place MUST SEE and MUST GO TO.


There are thousands of beaches and beach bars in which to spend each day and explore each of the magical corners of this island.

Among some of the most recommended and traditional, where to enjoy the island with its tempo and without so many people. Our Hidden Concierge Recommendations:

Can Carlitos

Start well your stay in the island and as you arrive celebrate your good fortune to be in Formentera with a good meal at Can Carlitos. The decoration, the views, the food, the good service and reasonable prices are they signature. Just like home. This is the way to start.

Chiringuito Bartolo

+40 years at the back of Playa dels Pujols from its blue terrace, blue in all its varieties, such as Formentera. Hidden place par excellence in an idyllic place. A small terrace and a few tables, attract those who seek the most authentic essence of the island. Friendly, familiar and affordable prices.

Es Codol Foradat

One of the classic ones. More than recommended to eat on the beach the typical dish from Formentera “Bullit de peix amb arros”, fresh fish or fidueas. It is recommended to book in August, although you may be accompanied by the good energy of the island and you will always find a perfect little table for two.

But there is also the Restaurant Pelayo, another hidden; the classic of Ca Na Joana and many more.

More & More

Recently I was ask by someone whom I love very much, why choose Formentera as a destination if it only has a beach and a lot of tourists…

My answer was immediate: its sunset, its dawn, its colors, the salines, the baths in the sea at any time, the emotions, the dreams that are fulfilled, the plants, the love, the passion, the laughs, the dances, the music, the life, the friends, the spirituality, the meditation, the well-being, the breathing, the peace…

And as could not be otherwise, because there is the famous protagonist of the novel #Formentera14, ¨la porta del cuore¨ (door of the heart).

The door of the cuore is much more than a door now as a photocall, where to go to take pictures.

La Porta del cuore, is the place where many couples will now seal their love, promise each other eternal love and is the place where many meet again. A place where magic overcomes anything, and where everything is possible, becomes a reality.

Without a doubt, a plus for this wonderful island. An obligatory stop that will mark your trip and who knows if your history.


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Formentera Paradise
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