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Why Rome?


Because Rome is the Eternal City, the City of Magic, which still today continues to maintain its charm. 

It is a city adapted for all types of trips: You can choose it to spend a weekend, a small getaway in a family, romantic and also with friends. 

Culture, Non Stop

A city where you study, learn languages or any discipline, a place to enjoy your art, your people, your thousand opportunities. A city as few: where books are not necessary to be able to learn, a city where culture is available to all.

Museums and extraordinary galleries of ancient art, modern, unparalleled buildings, squares with own history, squares where you fall in love walking or just observing, countless number of churches, small alleys that keep a thousand secrets where there is always a local person who will tell you its story.

Small lungs

The parks, the dream villas that are the lungs of each neighborhood and allow to understand the history of each area. 

The Romans

Whether or not you are born in Rome, when you arrive, the Roman ad hoc quickly opens its doors to the “chaos” of a city that is always on the movement, a city that does not sleep and yet, wakes every day radiant, majestic in its dawns , immense in its sunsets at dusk. A city to be lived: in each of its bars, having a coffee, eating a portion of pizza, eating a plate “Al Volo”, engaging in conversation with the seller of the tobacconist, while taking a snack “afterwork“, a citizenship with much root and from where the Gastronomy as a meeting point allows easy access to the real “romanità”.

Fashion & Shopping

The perfect place for those lovers of shopping, where you find collections made by the great designers unique and exclusively for the trade of the city Rome. 

Artisan Shops at affordable prices in the heart of the city, inimitable boutiques, Famous brand stores with showcases worthy of an art gallery and countless flea markets where you find vintage accessories and authentic quality clothing “Made in Italy “.

Meeting Point

The perfect meeting point, the city from which it is easy to leave to any city of Italy: Whatever your destination, sea, mountain, lakes, small towns… A city that has even two hours drive, small towns, cities like Florence, Siena, Assisi, Naples, Pisa… 

Magic Rome

A city that does not allow you to “sleep”, that your own frantic pace provokes you to love and do more.

A city that allows you to grow, as a tourist and as an inhabitant.

Our recommendations:

The ad hoc Rome you can not miss: authentic, trendy, cool and special sites with “Made in Italy” stamp. Our TIPS for you.

You can’t miss: Chiostro del Bramante Museum, Fondazione MAXXI, Ara Paris Museum, Complesso del Vittoriano, Circo Massimo, Villa Borghese, Villa Ada, Castel Sant ‘ Angelo (within the area called “Borgo” where the Vatican is located), Gianicolo, Parco Degli Acquedotti, Villa Farnesina, il Palazzaccio (Old Court of Rome), Piazza del Popolo, Piazza Campo dei Fiori, Via Giulia, Bar Antico Greco…

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Why Rome?
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