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Bose QuietComfort 35 II Headphones

This brand has been able to create the most innovative auditory experiences around the world, and now that it has gained the public’s preference and a special position within the market.


Technical Specifications

  • Product Dimensions are 8, 1x17x18 cm
  • Lithium-Ion Batteries
  • Weighs about 230 grams
  • Compatible with Android and iPhone models
  • 3-inch display display
  • Includes Rechargeable battery

Advantages of Bose Quiet Comfort headphones

The Bose has known how to mark the pattern and its value has been of such magnitude that, according to some experts, has come to overcome models of other companies such as the V-fashion, Monster Inc., Panasonic, Ultrasound, among many others. It is that these headphones guarantee a number of particular benefits that make them exceptional, being the best alternative for the traveller. Do you want to meet them?

Headphone Features Noise Cancelers

  • State of the art technology: they stand out for the use of noise-cancelling technology, which allows the music to be heard more and better. In this way, they guarantee a higher performance and the satisfaction of having exceeded the expectations.
  • Excellent performance: This company has been concerned about offering quality and good service, so it is not strange to have on hand a product 100% optimal.
  • Wireless: Bose headphones without cable, perfectly adaptable and quite manageable, allowing a very comfortable and agile experience in any situation.
  • Connectivity: The best is your Bluetooth and NFC pairing that ensures and enhances connectivity with all your devices.
  • Setting: Features an action button capable of adjusting noise cancellation on three levels.
  • New system: It works with state of the art applications like Siri or Google assistant, but it also helps to balance the sound, regardless of the volume level in which it is. It also includes systems like Alexa
  • Bose Connect: After downloading this application you will be able to enjoy many more functions. First of all, it allows to adjust the levels of noise cancellation, to share music, to personalize headphones; But it also gives you the opportunity to activate the Music Share function and access future updates.

Other models Quiet Confort

Bose’s Quiet Comfort headphones feature a wide variety of features. That is why we will show you the most popular and therefore the best sellers. Do you want to know what they are? 

Bose: A quality alternative

 The best headphones, those capable of filtering the greatest amount of noise to listen to music in all its splendour, belong to the Bose brand. Yes, we have tried it and ultimately is one of the best we have been able to find. Indisputably, Bose headphones have no comparison point, as it is a product manufactured according to the highest quality standards, with the intention of satisfying the needs of the most demanding customers. The brand is known for it and hence its prices, but we assure you that it is worth it.

Best Selling Bose Models offers

Do not miss the opportunity to hear the best of your playlist, and buy them now on Amazon. Without a doubt, Bose headphones have become a favourite, which is why it is common to see them in the hands of people on the streets of major cities in Europe and the United States. Buy them now at Amazon, and prepare the soundtrack of your trip, without any problems to enjoy the best music with the best sellers of Bose.

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