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Hong Kong, a city of contrasts

Hong Kong is one of the great financial capitals of the world.  As London or New York is big, dense, hectic, multicultural and open every hour.  But it hides more contrasts.

Imagine any of these capitals in the middle of a tropical forest and bathed by the South China Sea, at the delta of the suggestive Pearl River. As if we were transporting ourselves to the literary moments of the 19th century, when Europe was discovering the Far East. Hong Kong is still so evocative.

On my brief years in Asia, it was one of the favorite city to visit. Where to disconnect a little from mainland China (as the slogan says “One country, two systems”). Without losing the taste, but a bit more close to us, allow you to find more nature and it is easier for westerns to move around. Sea, mountain and a city of a thousand cultures, all in one. A city in which I made friends and met again great friends from Shanghai who were starting new stages in this exciting city, like Anne.


We met one day when our office block in Pudong, Shanghai, was surprisingly empty. We crossed each other on the stairs, in the elevator… We were almost the only people on the building and certainly the only westerns.

That’s how I met Anne. A noble, strong, intelligent and beautiful French lawyer who embarked on her adventure in Asia a few years ago. From there I met her French friends, she met the Spanish group, and we all shared a thousand Shanghainese adventures. We created a support network away from home. A Home away from home, as it happens in these places.

She married a handsome and friendly Italian. They moved to Hong Kong. And although it was no longer so easy to go unexpectedly to a wine tasting, we kept in touch.

I visited her, she discovered her places in Hong Kong.

We now shared them with you. We hope you like these outstanding places, after +4 years of living there and enjoy them. 

Los compartimos ahora con vosotros. Esperamos que os gusten estos lugares destacados, tras +4 años de vivir allí y los disfrutéis.  


  • Man Mo Temple
  • Tai Kwun – Former police station + prison + contemporary art museum
  • Big Buddha. Famous  big Buddha in the nearby Lantau Island.
  • Victoria’s Peak: The famous pick of Hong Kong that can be reached by tram. It is advisable to avoid queues by taking the 1st tram and walking down the path through the jungle.
  • Lamma Island: Family trekking en familia and food
  • Tai Long Wan Beach
  • Dragon’s Back Hike + Big Waves Beach (which can be reached after the hike)
  • Cheung Sha island and fish restaurants
  • Kowloon Former Walled City – Ancient walled city, and illegal city of cheap production. Now garden in central Hong Kong.
  • Tea ceremony/tasting on Tai Ping Shan


Expensive but worth it:


Asia has a great street culture. All major cities in the region have delicious meals served at street stalls. Hong Kong is no different.

You can eat in small shops while drinking beer for one euro next to a seven-star hotel. In how many cities can you do that? And when you go out at night, you meet people from all over the world. Hong Kong fascinated me before I visited it – and then I went there, ate there, and wandered its streets – and my fascination turned to love.

To eat cheap

First, visit the local markets. Most locals shop at the markets because they offer the cheapest, freshest food, sometimes up to 50% cheaper than grocery stores. Many of the markets have small open-air stalls to eat something fast, cheap and delicious.



  • Tim’s Kitchen (Sheung Wan): For good Cantonese cuisine, dim sum are excellent if you go for lunch (remember, they don’t serve dim sum for dinner), it’s affordable and the place is quite nice.
  • Hutong: Good Beijing cuisine with a stunning view, you will overpay the view. But the overall experience is nice.



  • Zuma – Japanese –Outstanding! Likewise for pricing. But really good.
  • Aberdeen Social – Western – Cool terrace in PMQ.


Merci, pour votre amitié. Votre générosité et votre souci du détail. Pour m’avoir fait découvrir le monde du vin, pour partager des amies et des aventures. Pour avoir toujours été géniale dans tout ce que tu fais. Et pour avoir partagé votre Hong Kong avec nous.




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