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Argentina & its "Hidden Places"


One country: A thousand routes, a population of exquisite host and a key result: you fall in love.

Salinas Grandes, 250 Km from Sal. No words.

The immensity of a country with miles of distance between north and south and that always gives you “what you Need”: beauty, fun, authenticity, love, peace and relaxation.

Buenos Aires, BS

You do not have to do anything extraordinary, just immerse yourself and get carried away by the “locals of the country: Walk Buenos Aires, try and understand the diversity between one neighbourhood or another, go unnoticed in the mouth, enjoy Recoleta, take the “Culture” vein Palermo Soho… A city, a capital of a thousand contrasts and a thousand opportunities.

The Playpen reinvented

The distances are long, sometimes eternal, but they have something magical: you always manage to share the trip with that person that “you need”, that “you Wait”. I remember the first time, to go to see the sea, we traveled three hours, the time we went to make a visit to some friends and walked 6 hours to return home again at night. It was worth so many hours of travel.

You can dream and dreams come true: you learn from the taxi driver, you fall in love with that artist who was reinvented and became a shoemaker, listen attentively to the bus driver who previously to the “Playard“, was one of the most considered professors of University in philosophy.

Province of Salta: deserted cities, cacti, constantly changing color dunes and colonial churches

It is a country of contrasts, and opportunities, to form you as a person, as a craftsman, as a professional, as an artist… You can dream and if you really dream it with all your strength, as in the stories, they come true. The only secret: to be constant, hardworking and stay true to your dream.

Perito Moreno Glacier, Patagonia

A place to dream

Art is a word and a concept open to all and everything: there is no pattern to follow, to be reached, but… That which excites you, that which has something to say, has “its place” to give opportunity to reach the public, without distinction, because Argentina opens its doors to anyone who wants to learn, who wants to grow in all aspects. Argentina is the perfect place to create, to recreate, to travel and marvel at each of its corners, the history of its neighborhoods, its people, its cities.

There is no neighborhood without history, there is no city, a distance, where there is no why, a reason to continue standing.

Thousand and one contrasts

A country of a thousand and one contrasts: where the capital could be a European, American capital… Of the most cosmopolitan and at the same time have at a distance of two-three hours by car to a small town, village or village where a shepherd is the maximum figure in the economy.

Ideal destination

Today it is a destination to start weddings, the perfect destination for honeymooners, the destination between friends, the destination to enjoy summer, Christmas… For us, Argentina is the place to grow and reaffirm who you are and how you are.

A destination to get to, a country to walk in.


The beauty of Argentina is that you have all kinds of city or town in the same space, you only have to choose what “mood” you are: but we recommend Salta, Jujuy, Bariloche, San Juan, Buenos Aires, jump even the border and move to Punta del This in Uruguay.


A real investment in every way: beauty, fun and growth in a single pack.

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