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Cairo, a city that doesn’t sleep


A city that does not sleep gives you a range of possibilities.

Cairo, a destination that when you listen to it, quickly reminds you of its pyramids, its history, the pharaohs, the desert… Everything they told us as kids in history class.

The City That Never Sleeps

But to our pleasant surprise, Cairo is much more than architecture, history, monuments, museums… It is a city that in the same way that its ancestors did not stop and were in continuous movement building, creating, working… Cairo continues today, being a city that never sleeps.

A city of almost 450 kilometres of extension, accustomed to welcoming thousands of tourists daily and being one of the most visited cities in the world. Always present in the famous lists of cities that you must visit at least once in your life, published by different newspapers and magazines.

The places, monuments, goal of every tourist who visits this city, are always easy to access and prepare from home quickly searching for search engines such as google or bing.

hidden Cairo

We were struck by the fact that the “non stop” zone of the city is located in the terraces and interiors of buildings in the center of the city.

Perhaps it is a vision of Cairo made to measure for Occidentals, but even so, it is worth getting to know the interiors of the hotels that have been and continue to be today, great locations in the world of cinema, art, culture in general… And a place where many stylists take refuge to be inspired by their new collections.

Cairo, Ours TIPS by Zones:

Piazza Tahrir

Around this square, you will find the most traditional part of Cairo. You can get to know it for its countless restaurants, shops, streets that fall in love, and theatres where it is interesting to enter to see its shows that tell you so much about its history, tradition and current reality.

Copto Cairo

The area that shows the great evolution between the city and the period of the Pharaohs -which we all have in mind-, in the footsteps of Islam, is an archaeological zone that allows you to enter the magical world of that city, through its small alleys that always with the moon in perspective, allow you precious walks with friends or romantic version for those more in love. Without a doubt, a walk that will make you dream.

Islamic Cairo 

It is an area that many will believe to be the most Islamic area of the city, however, it is so called because it represents the centre of the city. But you can also choose to enjoy a whole day in this area that from morning you can visit and buy in its small craft shops, its bazaar, and continue with its typical restaurants and bars until nightfall.

Our Favourite: The Nile Hilton Hotel Club, the coolest nightclub.

Dokki & Agouza… & Corniche

The two upper areas of the city that despite being considered residential areas, in them are the restaurants and local most prestigious chefs and mixers of the city.

Don’t forget to visit the wonderful Corniche promenade, at night illuminated you will think that you are in a city of the north of Europe.


Dream place: the interior of the Gezira Island on the Nile River.

An occidental entertainment area reminiscent of Dubai, Miami… Lots of nightclubs with restricted access areas, trendy venues, restaurants with long waiting lists and the best cocktails club in the city.

Our IN:  Deals, Windows of the World (Hilton Cairo Ramses Hotel), Cairo Jazz Club and Tamarai. 

And of course After 8, the place where the tourists do not arrive and that its elegant decoration and attentive service, make this place, place of obligatory visit.

Cairo “trend”

As it happens in every city in the world, it also happens in Cairo, an old popular neighborhood that is reborn and in full development, where you can find the best fast food places, more alternative places, small restaurants and bars of all life and pubs that have written the real history of their citizens.


Gayer Anderson – Egyptian Museum – Church of St. Sergius – Roman Fort of Babylon. Pharaonic Village.


If you want to buy spices, perfume, gold, silver, carpets, and fabrics your markets to visit and fill your trolley are as follows:

Bazar Souk Khan el-Khalili

Tentmakers Bazaar

Waklat Albalah

Best place to buy traditional handmade carpets: Sagara. In the outskirts of Cairo

Traditional Kitchen

The names that must be learned before arriving in Cairo and being able to choose the truly traditional dishes of its cuisine are: Molokhia, Fattah, Konfah, Mahshi and Basbousa.

Music & Show

We recommend you to check the concerts that usually take place around the Pyramids of Gyza, it is worth seeing how the city goes out, and the lighting that nothing envies to any European or American show.

A city that, as soon as you allow it, will surprise you. 

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