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WHAT TO DO: 30 years of Dance by Víctor Ullate Ballet


See the “30 años de danza” show by the Víctor Ullate Ballet Company.

We attended to the exquisitely programmed Dance Cycle sponsored by Air Europa in “Auditorium de Palma” once again this year.

Víctor Ullate Ballet

When you attend a show like the one this company does, you understand everything: Why Victor Ullate’s Ballet is celebrating its 30th anniversary and how it has managed to reach the age of 30 and above all even better, you know that it is only the beginning of many anniversaries.

A show that not only runs through the history of the company, making the choreographies with the seal of the company but achieves masterfully and as only the artists -those that are really scarce-, manages to spin perfectly each of the stories, leaving the audience immersed. In each of the pieces where the dancers demonstrate that they have their own Ullate seal and the best of all, to the beat and with all the harmony, invite the audience not to lose detail of the stage at any time. Merit, they get it.

Sensory Travel

A show that is an authentic sensory journey that leaves none of the senses indifferent. It will seem incredible but they even manage to wake you up and above all steal your breath.

Ullate – Lao & Azorín

A show with a sum of names with their own personality, but not because of fame, but because they are true lords of the stage, who know what they do and why they do it: Víctor Ullate, Paco Azorín and Eduardo Lao. Saying those names, one wouldn’t need to add anything else, but the sum of the three and their final result gives you the possibility to talk and talk, without stopping to praise.

The Details

The scenography is worth mentioning, if when you start in the world of classical dance when you are little, you are taught that a dancer can never miss a mirror in front, on the anniversary of 30 years of the Company of Ullate, not only could not miss a mirror, but they had to make it the protagonist of the show itself. A mirror that comes to life, a mirror that surprises you, a mirror that reflects the 30 years of the history of the company and that in a way cared for by the first dancers of the quarry, reminds you, as a spectator, of each of the shows that made history and that, with luck, many of us have been able to know and grow at the same time. Each of the resources that appear during the show was employed with knowledge and a lot of art.

The lighting, the projected video, the music, the wardrobe – more than right – ensure that no one stands out from anyone else, but rather that they achieve in unison a “chapeau” with all the letters, a “total ovation” at the Auditorium in Palma. Nothing more to add, except that if you get the chance, don’t miss it.


Víctor Ullate Ballet

We thank the Communication Department of Víctor Ballet Ullate for the cession of images photographed by Fernando Marcos.

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30 years of Dance by Víctor Ullate Ballet
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30 years of Dance by Víctor Ullate Ballet
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