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Ensaimadas Can Joan S´Aigo, Palma

Ensaimadas Can Joan de S´aigo, Palma

Founded in 1700, it is one of the oldest cafes in Palma and the most typical place to try the famous Ensaimadas of Majorca (the best ones I have tasted!). In winter accompanied by hot chocolate and summer almond horchata with ice in summer.

But they have a lot more stuff! Homemade ice cream, the famous Quartos de Mallorca, the indispensable coca of Peppers, ensaimadas to carry, panadas of peas and meat, etc. If you want something traditional to wear, sometimes the best option is to call before and book it, as you can get to form big waiting queues.

The premises are very characteristic, maintaining an original decoration of sofas covered in red velvet in one of the premises, traditional glass lamps, made in Gordiola, marble tables, engravings and paintings of still lifes.  Delightfully kitsch. The usual place, the usual product, at a good price and a lot of local customers.

You must pass to try your Ensaimadas if you are in the centre of Palma.

They have several locations. The most characteristic is Sans street, Number 10. Close to Plaza Cort, in the heart of the historic quarter.

We can also the traditional seat in the street Baró de Santa Maria del Sepulcre, near the Paseo Mallorca. 

Phone: 971 71 07 59

We recommend you to visit especially the new opening in Avenidas, with a more renewed decoration, keeping winks to the Mallorcan tradition.

Address: Calle Sindicato 74 | Crossing Avenidas, 07002 Palma de Mallorca, Mallorca, Spain

Phone: +34 971 10 65 55

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Palma, Majorca
Coffee shop that preserves the taste of its origins of 1700 | Almond ice Creams, ensaimadas and homemade pasta 🥟 most recognized palm 🥧 |