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Wabisuke Restaurant, Cala Major, Palma


Wabisuke – Looking for an island 🏝

17 years ago this Japanese couple decided to move to Palma. After setting up restaurants in Hong Kong and Singapore, they wanted to come to Europe; and not just anywhere, they were looking for an island and found a new home on the beautiful island.

The Place 🎋

They started in another place, also in Cala Mayor. For 8 years they have been in the current one in which they have won the sea views.

The place is very simple, unpretentious but with everything you need to enjoy a good meal. With covered terrace in which pets are accepted and in summer a pleasant outdoor terrace.

It does not stand out for its decoration, but it doesn’t need to. The food is delicious and at a good price. Those who know it know it and that’s why it’s advisable to book on weekends, as well as in summer during the week because of the tourism of the area.

Wabisuke Menu 🍤 🍥

Traditional Japanese restaurant, with a very wide and varied menu.

Good taste of the ingredients, many imported from Japan, which make a very authentic and rich cuisine, stands out.

It is noticeable that the cooks are Japanese and professional chefs. Somewhat infrequent in other Japanese.

The menu is also accompanied by photos of each dish to make it simpler: different types of sushi and shashimi, sushi mixed 25 €, very varied: avocado and bonito, scallop, salmon, tuna, shrimp and golden fish, all of good quality and fresh. A delicious miso soup for 2.5€, Ramen 8.5€, Gyozas 6.5€, fried rice…. and more!

The Service

Very attentive, close and careful.

Its owner, Kioko, is the Japanese kindness in person. An attentive woman, with a certain shyness, but who always comes to see how everything goes and do not hesitate to comment on their dishes, history and day to day.

Hidden Wabisuke

We like it for its simplicity, quality and good prices. It is comfortable and relaxed. On spring and summer nights, it is a perfect time to be on the small open terrace, listen to the deep sea, the seagulls, and simply enjoy a good Japanese meal.

Dirección y Reservas

Adress: Joan Miró 275

Bookings: +34 971701873

$$/Pp: 15-20€

Pet friendly 🐾

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