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▷ Vinostrum – La Fábrica, Santa Catalina, Mallorca

▷ Vinostrum, a winery in Santa Catalina with its own seal. 🍷

A lot of people had recommended it to us as a simple, casual place, with quality product and above all, good prices, ideal to end our working day and turn it into a basic tip to enjoy afterwork hours.

✨We tried and it convinced us.

In a time when vintage is fashion, the locals are reforming acquiring a trendy image with little marked identity and own seal.

⭐ Authentic Local

✅ At last we find a place with personality in the heart of Santa Catalina!

Vinostrum has known how to adapt and adding its history to that of the successful local which, for decades, has been the best known in textiles and clothing in the area, has had the good decision to keep and leave as its own, the neon and part of its architecture.

⭐ Design

A place decorated with a lot of rolls: barrels as tables with stools, wine wooden boxes have become part of the bar and have adopted the role of tiles.

The kitchen located in open space, available to the eyes of your customers and few tables that make the place, a pleasant space for conversation.

🍷 Wines & Shop

A selection of Spanish wines of the moment, together with the fashionable organic wines of Mallorca, some Italian, French and champagne that everyone likes… with the possibility of drinking in the place and even being able to buy to take it with you.

+ Vinostrum

Quality preserves, rich dishes to snack on and a young staff that is always pending and makes your visit to their local, the first of many.

 ▷ Vinostrum about Vinostrum

A fresh kitchen, of market, that looks for that the protagonist is the product; a traditional and Mediterranean mixture, where with 2 bites we can savour the exquisiteness of our products.


C/ Fábrica, 45, 07013, Palma de Mallorca

M-F 18.30-00.30 / F-ST 12.00-00.30 H

💳 : ✅

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Wines & Food
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Wines & Food
Provider Name
Fabrica, 45,Palma de Mallorca,07013,
Telephone No.971 41 25 53
Palma, Majorca
Bar Enoteca & Wine Shop | Very friendly and helpful staff | 🍷 Authentic Local in Santa Catalina | Good prices and good product | Wines of the Moment 🍾