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Albachiara Beach Bar, Fasano, Puglia, Italy


🏖Eat excellent fish on the shores of the sea in Puglia is possible.

📍 Fasano, Savelletri’s Coast, Puglia

In the south of Italy, between the cities of Brindisi, Taranto and Bari, is Fasano, a small town in Pugliese that could probably go unnoticed if it weren’t for the coastal area of Savelletri, which has beach bars and wonderful beach areas to visit.

Puglia in Italy, is our Galicia in Spain, known for its excellent cuisine based on fish and seafood, and to highlight its famous “ricci di mare” (sea urchins).

They had recommended this place to us, to go to enjoy the beach, good seafood in a simple and informal place. We arrived, tasted and decided it was our new TIP on the coast of Savelletri, not to lose sight.

⭐ Albachiara ⭐

Simplicity and quality are the key to its success.

Plastic tables, access for the disabled, free parking and credit cards accepted.

A friendly and attentive service that cares for its guests, despite always being up to the flag. The waiting time on weekends and/or high season is approximately 30-45 minutes. But they have two bars of service of bar with umbrellas and awning, in addition to having to three meters of distance, the edge of the sea to make, more comfortable the time of wait.

🍝 Its Dishes

We ordered different dishes to share and taste. And we recommend you to try without a doubt, their sea urchins are a spectacle. Also their “cavatelli” with seafood, “tagliolino” with lobster”, “troffie” with sea urchins, and an important, fish fry, because in the group there were two people allergic to seafood. We duly informed the waiter, and to our pleasant surprise, in spite of having the place full, the allergic ones did not have -as it happens in the majority of times-, problems with the fried fish because of the oil.

▷ We have repeated and we can only say one thing, with time “Albachiara” only improves.


Horario: M-Su 09.00-23.00 H

$: 15-20 Euros


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Trattoria Al Moro, Rome

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▷ Bar Restaurant Albachiara in Puglia, Italy ▷ Beach Bar 🏖 Eat excellent fish on the shores of the sea in Puglia is possible. ✅