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Convent of Santa Clara, Palma, Majorca

Convent of Santa Clara, 

A place of worship, peace, simplicity and a great history behind you. 

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In the historic center of Palma, at the bottom of a bright street of Palma is a large courtyard where you will find this characteristic convent, where still today live cloistered nuns, the Clarisas.

Just to the right of the entrance of the church, there is a small wooden door, which we invite you to touch and entrée: You will find the famous “torno” only way that allows the Clarisas to have contact and access with people from outside and where they sell delicate and exquisites cookies made by themselves at affordable prices.

The money raised is for the social works and the maintenance of the convent. 

The tradition

The Mallorcan tradition, says that before marriage, the bride along with her mother or friends, carry a dozen eggs, if they remain intact, signifies matrimony and there will be no rain during the holiday. However if they break, if something happens to the eggs, it means they will not be lucky. 

It is nice to see how even today, after decades and different ways of formalizing relationships, are hundreds and hundreds of families and girlfriends who continue to carry their “dozen” eggs.

A bit of history

The convent dates from the end of 1250 requested its construction by the Clarisa Catherine Berenguer, abbess at that time, the monastery of Santa Maria de Tarragona to King Joaquín I of Aragon. Due to its noble origins, the monarch’s acceptance was immediate. 

When the convent was built on Muslim remains, the congregation of “Clarisas” moved and established in the city of Palma de Mallorca. 


It is a construction that throughout history has had countless restructurings and reforms supported and financed by the nobility of the island. Hence the Gothic-post-Renaissance and almost baroque-style mixture of the convent. 

Since 2007 the convent is in continuous maintenance works. 

To highlight

It is the point of origin from which some of the brotherhoods of the Easter processions come out. 

The figure of the Immaculate Conception in the altar and the figure of St. Clare of Assisi. 

The halls contain tombs of Gothic origin where some of the religious founders of the congregation are buried. 


Calle de Ca’n Fonollar, 2, 07001, Palma de Mallorca

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Convent of Santa Clara, Majorca
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