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Molienda Coffee Shop, Palma

▷ La Molienda Coffee shop

☕Specialty coffee and organic breakfasts. Also known as Best coffee in town.

📍 Situation

In the heart of the city of Palma: between Ramblas, Jaime III and Paseo Mallorca, we are struck by a chalkboard with a clear message, “the best coffee in town“.

Elegant and striking decoration, its green colour, its details, a terrace in a small square, full of life and people. There you will find this small cafeteria which is so reminiscent of the cafeterias and concept coffee shops in Berlin in the Neuk II area, and in the Biccoca area of Milan.

📌 It’s Ambience

Warm atmosphere with careful lighting and geometric lines in the furniture. Typical Mallorcan tile floor, reminiscent of old houses and an open space that allows us to see the kitchen at all times.

A small wall-corner where you can buy organic products, handmade articles, magazines and guides made with a lot of charm about the city of Palma de Mallorca.  

❤️ Bio Lover

Quality products, with a “BIO lover” philosophy, a wide range of teas that also includes “Matcha Tea”, served with a good presentation.

👩‍🍳 It’s Kitchen

The kitchen is open from early in the morning, where you can taste delicious breakfasts with a wide selection of different types of bread.

They work very well the dishes with avocado, also sandwiches. And as it cannot be otherwise being an authentic Mallorcan place, they prepare and serve “pa amb oli” and “pa amb tomatiga”, or in other words, bread with oil and bread with tomato, traditional Mallorcan dishes. In their simplicity is the secret.

The Best Coffee in town

A blogger really influenced considered it a few years ago, the best coffee she had drunk in Palma, and from there the “word of mouth”, the recommendations to each other, the criticism, the articles that were increasing about this small place in the heart of Palma, catapulted it to success and made it a place of must-see.


A place where from 11 a.m. on weekends and sunny days, the average waiting time per table on the terrace is approximately 15-30 minutes.

And yes, we couldn’t resist, we’ve tasted its coffee.

We confirm, the high quality of its selected coffee, its level coffee machine, have a remarkable result, get a real Italian espresso coffee.

For those who accompany their coffee with milk, it goes without saying that you have different types of milk at your disposal.

It’s Staff

An attentive store manager to his clientele who shows that he loves his premises and philosophy, and tries to transmit to his staff his passion, illusion and desire.

🗓 La Molienda about La Molienda

OUR COFFEE: We offer specialist coffees from small scale toasters mainly based in Spain. These, in turn, set great store by their direct relationship with the coffee plantations, thus benefitting both growers and consumers. Our concept is clear. To introduce a coffee culture to our clients and ensure that drinking such a special beverage becomes a unique experience.

For lovers of the cappuccino or other milk-based combinations, we offer fresh Minorcan milk as well as organic plant-based milk.

OUR FOOD: We focus on making delicious breakfasts made using local, seasonal and organically certified ingredients. Our aim is to promote healthy and conscious eating.
Most of our food suppliers are small businesses and local makers who provide us with delicious artisan bread, yoghurt, eggs, cheese, olive oil, etc. 



Monday-Friday 08.00-18.00 H / Saturday-Sunday: 09.00-14.00 H

+ Hidden Places


Beatnik, Puro Hotel, Palma de Mallorca


Bodega Bellver, Palma Mallorca

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