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La Negra Criolla Restaurant, Cala Mayor, Palma


The restaurant La Negra Criolla, is a discovery. In the middle of the stores of neighborhood and usual premises of Cala Mayor, we were surprised a few months ago with this opening. Although the venue is small, it has had an interesting remodeling and thus draws attention from the beginning with its wooden exterior, evoking ancient Caribbean groceries.

The Menu at La Negra

The menu is tasty and original. A rich experience. Food made at the moment with affection and a lot of flavor!. They also have a selection of vegan specialties, by having chef specialized. When going with a vegan person in the group, you could see how he enjoyed being able to choose between several appetizing dishes.

The menu is varied. They offer an original mix of tropical and Mediterranean cuisine, original, homemade and exquisite. We try ceviche, hummus, guacamole, creole dumplings and puffs stuffed with starters. All tasty and freshly made. If you book with time, order the Zaconcho andropa vieja for a more Caribbean menu. The vegan burger was very well received. The lamb also, although the combination with the strawberries did not finish convincing. At the end of the evening, they offer several types of sweet rums.

The ambience

The room is not very large, with about 9 tables and a small place in the bar to nibble. The decoration of the restaurant is taken care of in small and curious details. Giving it a lot of charm and a home atmosphere, with its fireplace, the bookstore, the banks made with old bed headboards. A vintage aesthetic that gives us hydraulic tiles, traditional glass and iron lamps; And details that are rooted in traditional groceries. This warm ensemble, accompanied by the usual Caribbean-Brazilian music, makes us transport for a while to tropical climates. Dinner thus becomes a small evasion, in which to enjoy a new environment and flavours. It looks more like dinner at a friend’s house than a dinner in a restaurant.

The service

The service is very good. We were joking commenting on the variety of nationalities that we find in such a small team: Dominicans, Colombians, Russians, Spaniards. Creating an international and relaxed atmosphere.

The grocery store

They prepare tropical fruit baskets to send, breakfasts to drink in the restaurant or at home. Sale of rums. You can order online on their website and receive at home. A good excuse to set up a Caribbean party at home;)

La Negra Criolla According to La Negra

The black is a corner in the world, where to develop a dream wrapped in the love of the kitchen, transmitted by mothers of another generation. Our kitchen is a way of life within our space, we buy good quality products every day where we prepare them as if they were for ourselves.

La Negra Criolla

Share and enjoy

When you are in a place like this, you want to keep it secret. But it deserves to be known, shared and enjoyed! In A Hidden Place we like to share these unknown gems with others. Cheers!

Address and reservations

Address: Joan Miró 297

Bookings: +34632464823

$ $/person: 20-30 €

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