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Santosha Restaurant & Brunch, Palma de Mallorca


 ▷ Santosha, a hidden restaurant in the center of Palma with vegetarian menu, delicious brunch, and traditional “healthy” dishes.

 ❤️ Santosha is a Sanskrit term derived from the root of two words: SAM (सं, सम्) and Tosha (, तुष्, Tush) and means unconditional joy or formless satisfaction. It represents a state of genuine happiness, independent of what is happening around us.

✔ The Choice

My travel companion searches for charming places on the island surprised me and we stayed there on Easter Sunday.

📍 Location

A simple entrance, in an old and character building, in a small alley in the centre of Palma, around Jaime III and Paseo Mallorca, decorated with charm, but which does not give enough attention and importance to the place you will find inside.

 ✨ Interior Design

A place that when you enter, envelops you in its good cozy atmosphere, and its attentive manager Eran who, welcomes you as a good host at home. We quickly found a hole despite being a complicated day and with many reservations made.

A place that mixes fusion, design, gastronomy and international culture with a touch and a strong commitment to a “healthy” life and spirit.

 ✨ Santosha

He quickly explained to us the philosophy of the place, cooked everything with quality products, with special attention to organic cooking and recipes based on traditional Hebrew cooking. The menus change according to the season, thus ensuring the use only of seasonal vegetables.

 ✔ The Menu

We tried the dishes we were recommended -except for the pancakes we wanted but didn’t have any left-, the famous humus and the dish of spicy lamb tahin and a homemade dessert.


They offer a menu with 3 starters, 3 first courses and 3 possible second courses, as well as different homemade desserts.

⭐ Beverage Menu

Drinks are a plus in the gastronomic offer offered by Santosha.

They have a varied menu of different teas, “cider homemade” (ginger juice with lemon juice), matcha, natural vinification wines without added sulfites, with a wide selection of local wines such as Can Mayoral, Mesquida-Mora and 4 Kilos. 

And some other natural wines of Galician origin for white wines and Ribera de Duero for red wines. All very correct and quite demanded by the public “trend”.

✔ The Presentation

The presentation of their dishes is quite careful, the prices somewhat higher than the local restaurants in the area, the service quite attentive, but I think that although they are focused -as is obvious- to tourism, should also be able to attend more easily in Spanish.

⇨ A healthy experience, in an establishment with great taste and that as the name of its place says, you find joy and harmony inside. 


C/ Metge Matas, 2, CP 07012, Palma de Mallorca, Illes Balears

Open: Wed-Sunday 10.00-16.00 Hours

$: 25 pp EURO (without wine)




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Metge Matas, 2,Palma de Mallorca,Illes Balears-07012,
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