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The Core Club, Milano

Core Milano

The exquisiteness of a made-to-measure space only for members with a wonderful mind.

A project made with heart, enthusiasm, intelligence, beauty and a lot of dedication.


A choice of name with a double meaning: in English as the core and in Italian, the dialectical expression of the heart.

Core Milano

The way of CORE Milano begins, a space that its brilliant creators, the duo of sumandos formed by Jennie (of Sicilian origin) and Dangene Enterprise arrives also at the most innovative Italian city with a new Yorker character: Milano.

The city that they have chosen after two years of investment entering and knowing the most emblematic places, its streets, its people, its creative, elegant and innovative character.

Core, The History

At the end of 1999, at the beginning of the year 2000, this fantastic duo of privileged minds had the great idea of opening in New York, an exclusive and elegant place where to gather leaders, people with brilliant minds “able to think in a lateral way and long term vision in each sector”, that’s how “The Core Club New York” was born.

The Idea in Europe

San Babila, has been the Milanese zone chosen, more exactly inside a building of 4000 meters in Corso Matteotti 14.

Core Milano, is the meeting place where you can meet risky people, with courage, able to break the rules of the game to create and innovate present and future.

A place of meeting, of socialization, of creation of alliances and businesses, a place to add. 

Restricted Access

Accessing Core Milano, it is not enough to know its address -Corso Matteotti 14-, or to have a secret code as it happens in the “Speakeasy Bar”. 

You must first meet the fundamental requirement: “have a wonderful mind”, be innovative, have courage and above all “be one of the chosen”.

An exquisite membership, chosen by the very heart of this club.

In the case of Italy, the subscription selection filters will be 13: fashion, media, technology, restoration, design, automobiles, finance, energy and biotechnology, art and culture, architecture, real estate, legislation and government, consulting and services.

A place a la carte

4000 meters chosen in detail, with multiple corners chosen with taste and head, where you can enjoy the various nuances that art brings us

Secret garden, different terraces, spaces to enjoy gastronomy with the presence of the most prestigious chefs and mixers, a large lobby where you can meet, an enormous reading room with a bookstore made up of international newspapers, texts and magazines on art, design, science, technology, economy….

A great hall of acts -in all senses-, which will even be used as a theatre to carry out shows, projections and of course talks, being able to continue with the line that The Core Club New York already has, where talks with Nobel prizes, Pulitzers, artists and leaders with brilliant and very advanced minds meet and take place. 

The Rules of the Game

As already happens in “The Core Club New York”, Bilderberg Club, and exclusive groups, the identity of its members is and will always be secret.

To access the registration, must be submitted by a member who is already part of it and the registration fee will be 5,000 euros plus the annual fee of the same figure.

A unique club for 600 members with unisex access, and open to all nationalities.

The Core Club about Core Milano

CORE: is a space in time.
A refined environment, to renew bonds and nourish meetings and discoveries. An international community of ingenious minds, out of the box. An epicentre of freedom and ideas. Beauty, conscience, ease, intuition, pleasure.
CORE: it is only for its members.
Extraordinary women and men in the most welcoming places, surrounded by extraordinary works of art and architecture, excellent food, warm and impeccable service, original cultural programs and avant-garde body care. A community of fascinating diversity, enjoying life, broadening horizons, sharing knowledge, appreciating the present. Build the future.
CORE: is the exchange.
CORE: is an attitude.
CORE: it is a collective action…

Without a doubt, a place that will be talked about and above all that, confirms Milan, as a city with presence, that adapts and reinvents itself to the needs and concerns of time and of the people who live, visit and fall in love with it.


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