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Winery Ca’n Rigo, Palma

Just like at home

Tapas, good wine, beer and the joy of feeling “at home”.

A place that can become one of the best coincidences that you can find and end up being a regular customer in the centre of Palma, a few steps from the Lonja and Passeig d’es Born.

We arrived at Bodega Ca’n Rigo, by improvisation and chance, someone knew it, we had good references, but the reality is that it caught our attention from the outside, its Mallorcan authenticity.

A Historical Place

A place with a lot of history behind it that has been renovated without losing any detail and not even the Mallorcan genuineness that in a time, the Rigo family stood up.

Its owner, Mr Rigo

An owner who is a host of those of before, a man of the world of catering, when not everyone dared to have bars and restaurants. And the mastery is demonstrated there. 

Attentive to every detail, to every table, its facility to know what to offer at every moment and to each client. A waiter who does not invade you but you know that at the slightest gesture, is there. 

A place where they truly love wine: and understand that the importance of quality-price is the number one rule. You will always drink good quality alcohol, but best of all, if you let yourself be advised, you will find wines that you will hardly find in other places. Because the owner’s collection is also yours and you can directly choose the wine you want to enjoy.

Its Tapas

Simple but exquisite tapas, of good quality and always right to accompany the drink. They always have tapas available that they make at the moment, which you can go directly to the bar and choose which one you want to try.

The Local

A place of small dimensions, but big with all the meaning of the word.

They have been able to paint and reuse objects and accessories from the world of wine, the countryside, the old food shops… And they have made a perfect sum with a charming result. 

A cosy place, with cordial, efficient service and a quality price that makes it worth visiting … And repeat.

C’an Rigo about C’an Rigo

In our winery Can Rigo we don’t have much space but we have a bit of history in every corner. Stories where time runs slower.

We want to offer you a place to relax where you can enjoy our home-made food, listen to music and taste good wines. Our spirit is to protect and promote the local. Therefore, if we need a little more time to take care of you, please, understand us.

Because what we like most is that you enter as a client and leave as a friend.

Can Rigo Winery


Carrer Sant Feliu 16. Palma, Majorca

$$/Person: 15-20€

+ Hidden Places


Beatnik, Puro Hotel, Palma de Mallorca


Bodega Bellver, Palma Mallorca

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