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The point, Cala Major, Majorca


▷El Point

A local “meeting point” par excellence in Cala Mayor, Palma de Mallorca.

This place located in Cala Mayor has become a regular meeting point for neighbours and tourists who visit the area.


A place with a lot of charm, which has earned points to the area of Cala Mayor, where lately innovative places are opened and with a lot of roll, as for example we have already commented in our post “La Negra Criolla”.

✨Local 2.0

An innovative place, where no detail is missing in every corner you look at. There is a detail, a different little corner that will always call your attention whatever is your “mood of the day”.

🏠”El Point”, as home

The distribution of “El Point” is like that of a house, has the main living room, bedroom, kitchen, patio and terrace.

A courtyard with large tables, wooden benches, and a stained glass window that as a large main room, accommodate large groups, or people who, even as has been done for years in other countries, want to share the table.

💡Fantastic lighting, which plays with indirect points of light, and that makes your stay in the local cosy, whichever area you choose.

A small lounge with atmosphere located on the second floor, with vintage style and comfortable sofas where you can enjoy a more intimate atmosphere.

On the third floor, as could not be otherwise, have a small but ideal terrace decorated with much joy and elegance. We are sure that this will be another “point” in favor of the local in these months of good weather, becoming the delight and coveted area for their customers.

🌟 The Staff

There are places that score points with your staff. “El point” has its own key to success, its waitress, an attentive, nice, helpful, polite girl, who remembers every person who passes by her place, and if you repeat, reminds you that you return home. Know your tastes and always recommend what to eat.

🍹Aperitif Night

On Wednesdays organize their “aperitif nights”. In the bar and not only, because also to facilitate everything to their clients, but they also bring to the tables and during the night, they offer small tastings of their habitual dishes for free, that day you pay only the consumption.


“El Point” is managed by Argentines, and its cuisine is 100% homemade with an Argentine touch. We recommend you try our favourites, the “empanadas Argentinas”.

On the menu there are also other homemade dishes such as Quiche Lorraine, Wraps, sausage tables… And our favorite day arrives on Friday, with the Argentinean grill. 

🍻 Fridays Night 🥩

On Fridays it is the day of obligatory visit to “El Point”, because they light the grill like good Argentines, and while you are having a wine, a beer or a soft drink, the cook prepares you delicious “chorizos criollos”, the famous “Argentine choripan” and/or “entraña” with homemade chimichurri sauce.

El Point, a place that grows and will give you something to talk about.


Monday-Saturday: 18.00-23.30 H.


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